Our Bundle of Joy, Cuteness, and Stinky Diapers

Time. Such a fleeting…thing… One day you’re JUST married, the next day you’re parents! His name is Liriko Rion. “Liriko” is “lyric” in Filipino. Even if it’s not, we’ll insist that it is. Hehe. As for “Rion”… well… I originally wanted to name him Orion, but my wife and I agreed that we wanted his … Continue reading

Bored Inspiration

We were in a class of a little more than a hundred. It was a huge classroom. Almost as big as a movie house. The teacher talked in front, lesson material was projected on two ginormous screens. And I sat at the back. As in the backest back of them all. So naturally, I got … Continue reading

A Brother’s Tribute

I tried to draw my sister. It’s not very good, I know, but I’m still happy with the way it turned out. =D I am not comparing my siblings. They have different strengths and weaknesses and personalities. So I’ll just say I randomly chose my younger sister as my subject the day I did this. … Continue reading

Reasons For Being

“What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for each other?” -George Eliot We all have our own reasons for getting up in the morning (or afternoon, evening, midnight, whenever), keeping ourselves clean and healthy and doing whatever we need to do to survive another day in this increasingly deceptive and … Continue reading